The process in detail


Introduction Call | Orange Visas | Netherlands

You will get a 40 minutes, free, introduction call (phone or video) with one of our partners of the firm. In this call we asses the possibility to get the visa on a high level and we go over any questions you might have. 

Let's Meet
3-4 Days


Select a VC | Orange Visas | Netherlands
Choose in which VC you want to invest

Hotel platform, payment provider Adyen, beauty platform Treatwell, food delivery TakeAway; just to name a few unicorns that are unicorns in the Netherlands; and that once received an investment from private individuals and VC funds. 


The requirement for getting a residence permit for the Netherlands is quite straight forwards: you need to invest €1.25 (1 and 1/4) million into a Dutch Venture Capital firm (VC) or into a Dutch start-up. 

Orange Visas provides both options. We advice you to invest in a VC, because that spreads your risk: a VC will invest in multiple startups at the same time. Because of our previous careers in the Dutch startup ecosystem, we have connections with all Dutch VCs and most Dutch startups. 


Note: not every VC and every startup is always looking for money: these companies are not always raising funds. When you reach out to us, we will reach out to the VCs/start-ups to ask around who is currently open for your EUR 1 . 25 million. 

Time requirement from your side:

  • 5 minutes - 5 hours: we can suggest you Venture Capital funds (5 minutes) or you can study the funds yourself (±5 hours) and let us know in which one you like to invest. 


Background: If you want to explore the scene:

A list of Dutch VCs can be found here.

2-3 Days


Fill out the Forms | Orange Visas | Netherlands
Let's get the paperwork done!

A document of 21 pages needs to be filled out. Don't worry: we will do this for you. We will send you a short questionnaire, and with that information, we can fill out most of this document. What is left for you, is your signature. 

The good news: it remains to this 21-page document. It is bureaucracy but in an efficient form, like you will encounter more in the Netherlands. 


Time requirement from your side:

  • 60 minutes: We will deal with the paper work; we will ask you to answer some necessary questions about your job, your family, the source of your money, etc. and we will fill out the papers. You only need to put a signature at the end. 


Background: if you want more information, this can be found here: 

30-60 Days
Processing Time


Select a Notary office | Orange Visas | Netherlands
Signing the investment contract 

When a VC fund is chosen by you, we will bring you in contact with the VC Fund for a phoe conversation. If preferred by you, you can also fly to the Netherlands to meet the VC fund in person. 

The EUR 1.25 million investment will only need to be transferred once the application is approved by the Dutch government, so there's no financial risk here. 

In the investment papers we will insert a condition: "you only transfer the €1.25 million, IF the Immigration Services grants you the Dutch residence permit". 

Thus, no money needs to be paid now, you only sign the investment documents in which you declare to send the money. 


Time requirement from your side:

  • 30 minutes: The VC fund will send you an investment contract which you will need to sign. 

10 Days
Processing Time
90 Days
Processing Time


Pick up Residence Permit | Orange Visas | Netherlands
Pick up your residence permit at the Dutch embassy in your country. 

Registration at the town hall when the Immigration Service accepts your application, you can pick up a Provisory Residence Permit ("MVV") within 3 months at the Dutch embassy of consulate in your country. 


The residence permit is valid for you, your married partner, and your underage children. 


After arriving in the Netherlands, you have to pick up your Dutch Residence Permit at the Immigration Service. We will make an appointment for you at the Immigration Service, you only need to show up and show the documents. 

Now you have access to all facilities like you are a Dutchman or Dutchwoman: you can make use of the health care, the education, the travel visa exemptions, etc. 


Time requirement from your side:

  • 15 minutes: pick up the residence permit at the Dutch embassy/consulate in your country. 

  • Registration at the town hall

  • Registration at the General Practitioner (doctor). 

  • Tuberculosis test (tuberculose onderzoek) 

More information on the whole proces can be found on the website of the Immigration Service. 


You will receive a "Welcome letter" from the Dutch Immigration Services to welcome you to the Netherlands, under the condition that you make the investment. 

In the Netherlands you can pick up your Residence Permit, when you show that you have transferred the €1.25 million to the VC. 

Time requirement from your side:

  • 5 minutes: transferring the money to the VC. 

  • Several days: travelling to the Netherlands to pick up your Residence Permit. 

Receive your "welcome letter", transfer the money, and receive your residence permit
After Being Granted a Reside | Orange Visas | Netherlands
Enjoy being a Dutch person!

2 year's extension:

You will receive a residence permit that is valid for 3 years; after 3 years it can be extended with 2 years if have done the following:

  • You rentOR bought an accommodation in the Netherlands.  

  • You have Dutch health insurance. 

  • You paid your local taxes. 

  • You did not involve in criminal activities. 

  • More information, you can find on the website of the Immigration Service. 

Permanent: after 5 years you get 3 options:

  1. Continu the Investor Visa

    • As long as your investment runs, you can keep on renewing the Investor Visa; if the VC fund closed and return the investment + returns to you; you can decide to re-invest it again in a VC fund. By keeping 1.25 EUR million invested, you can keep on renewing the investor visa. ​

    • You will have all the privileges that a Dutch person also enjoys, except that you cannot vote in the national elections (still, you do can vote in the municipal elections). 

    • You can stay maximum 8 consecutive months abroad. After which you need to stay for a period in the Netherlands (minimum 1 day), after which you can stay again 8 consecutive months abroad. 

    2. Permanent Residence Permit

    • You can apply for a Permanent Resident Permit, for this you need to pass a Dutch language test on A2 level (speaking, writing, listening, reading), you need to pass the culture exam about "Knowledge of Dutch society", and the labor exam with questions about the labor market. 

    • After obtaining the Permanent Residence Permit, you do not have to keep your investment active in the VC fund. 

    • You have all the privileges that a Dutch person also enjoys, except for that you cannot vote in the national elections (still, you do can vote in municipal elections).

    • You can stay maximum 4 consecutive months abroad. After which you need to stay for a period in the Netherlands (minimum 1 day), after which you can stay again 4 consecutive months abroad. 

    3. ​​Passport
    • You can also apply for an official Dutch passport, for this you need to pass a Dutch language test on A2 level (speaking, writing, listening, reading), you need to pass the culture exam about "Knowledge of Dutch society" , and the labor exam with questions about the labor market. 

    • When you have a passport, there is no minimum stay requirement for staying in the Netherlands. 

More information, you can find on the website of the Immigration Service. 

Costing | Orange Visas | Netherlands
Everything has a price

Application process:

  • Investment: €1.25 Million:

    • note that this is an investment, not an expenditure: depending on your investment, in the startup industry,  your investment can double in a few years. 

    • The investment of EUR 1. 25 Million (± USD 1. 4 Million) only needs to be paid, after your visa application is successful. 

  • OrangeVisas fee: EUR 25.000 (± USD 28.000)

    • this fee only needs to be paid, after your visa application is successful.

  • Dutch Immigration Services IND: EUR 2.173 (± USD 2.400) 

    • this fee needs to be paid always, regardless of a successful visa application. 

  • Lawyer:

    • not needed. ​

  • Fiscal advisor:​

    • you may want to check what are the implicants for your financial situation. 

    • a Dutch fiscal advisor specialized in this field will costs ± EUR 273 an hour, depending on your situation, an advisor will bill 3-6 hours. 

Renewal after 3 years: 

  • Administration fee for the government: EUR 171

  • OrangeVisas fee: EUR 750

Application for permanent residence visa after 5 years (2 years after the renewal): 

  • Administration fee for the government: EUR 171

  • OrangeVisas fee: EUR 750

Further costs of living in the Netherlands: 

  • Obtaining a post & residence address: you can rent or buy accommodation. 

    • Renting accommodation​: 

      • prices range from a room on the country side (€350 per month) to a luxury canal house in Amsterdam (€9,000 per month). An average 3 bed room furnished apartment in a city will cost 1,800 EUR a month. 

      • For rentals, we recommend the website 

    • Buying accommodation:​

      • prices range from a 2 room apartment on the country side (€100,000) to a full canal house in Amsterdam (€4,000,000). An average house costs 400.000 EUR. 

      • For buying, we recommend the website

  • ​Municipality tax:​

    • when you live in the Netherlands, you will pay taxes ​to the municipality; these taxes are not related to income. 

    • The taxes are for the garbage pick-up service, water service, road service and the sewer. 

    • The exact amount depends in which municipality you live, it is around EUR 500 a year. 

  • Income and wealth tax:

    • If you need to pay income tax and wealth tax in the Netherlands or your native country, depends how this is structured. We advice to talk with a fiscal lawyer for this. Our office can provide you with the contact of a knowledgeable tax office. 

  • Insurance:​

    • every citizen in the Netherlands must have a health insurance.

    • A healthy insurance costs ± EUR 120-350 a month, depending on how much service you want to include in your package. 

Easier than you think

Integration & language requirements

After 5 year, to obtain the passport or Permanent Residency, you need to do the Civil Integration Exam. 

If you do not want to switch to a passport or Permanent Residency, and prefer to stay in the Investor Visa, no Integration exam is required. 

The civil integration exam consists of 3 parts:

Language: Reading, listening, speaking, writing: on A2 level. A2 level is described as “For those who want to demonstrate they can manage in informal everyday situations”. For example, you will need to write a very short letter to a doctor to inform that you want to cancel an appointment; you need to fill out a registration form for the sport school; and you need to write a short note for your neighbours that they are invited for a cup of tea on your birthday. 

Knowledge of the Dutch labor market

Exemption: people above retirement age (67 years) don’t have to do this exam. The exam is about how the Dutch labor market is structured. 

Knowledge of Dutch society: a test about the norms & values in the Netherlands. When you are taking Dutch language classes at a certified language school, the language school will also cover the Dutch society during the language course. 

Failing the exam

You can retake the exam in case you fail. If you keep failing the exam, you can ask for an exemption to do the exam. This works as follows: if you show to the Immigration Services that you followed at least 600 hours of Dutch classes at a certified school (meaning, 4 months of classes on a 40 hour week), then you can ask for the exemption and you are considered that you “passed” the exam as well. 

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