The process in detail

Introduction call

Let's meet

You will get a 40 minutes, free, introduction call (phone or video) with one of our partners of the firm. In this call we asses on high level the possibilty the chances to get the visa, and we go over questions you might have. 

Select a VC

Choose in which VC you want to invest

Hotel platform, payment provider Adyen, beauty platform Treatwell, food delivery TakeAway; just to name a few unicorns that are unicorns in the Netherlands; and that once received an investment from private individuals and from VC funds. 


The requirement for getting a residence permit for the Netherlands is quite straight forwards: you need to invest €1.25M into a Dutch Venture Capital firm (VC) or into a Dutch start-up. 

Orange Visas provides both options. We advice you to invest in a VC, because that spreads your risk: a VC will invest in multiple startups at the same time. Because of our previous careers in the Dutch startup ecosystem, we have connections with all Dutch VCs and most Dutch startups. 


Note: not every VC and every startup is always looking for money: these organizations are not always in fund raising mode. When you reach out to us, we will reach out to the VCs/start-ups to ask around who is currently open for your €1.25M. 


When a VC fund/start-up is selected, we will contact the organization to how much shares will you get for the €1.25M. The investment will go through an independent notary (see below), to make sure that everything is on paper and legalized. 


Time requirement from your side:

  • 5 minutes - 5 hours: we can suggest you a Venture Capital fund (5 minutes) or you can study the funds yourself (5 hours) and let us know in which one you like to invest. 

  • We will make contact with the VC and deal with the paper work; you only need to put a signature at the end. 


Background: If you want to explore the scene:

A list of Dutch VCs can be found here.

A list of Dutch startups can be found here.

Fill out the forms

Let's get the paperwork done!

A document of 21 pages needs to be filled out. Do not worry: we will do this for you. We will send you a short questionnaire, and with that information, we can fill out most of this document. What is left for you, is your signature. 

The good news: it remains to this 21-page document. It is bureaucracy but in an efficient form, like you will encounter more in the Netherlands. 


Time requirement from your side:

  • 60 minutes: We will deal with the paper work; we will ask you to some necessary questions about your job, your family, the source of your money, etc. We will fill out the papers. You only need to put a signature at the end. 


Background: if you want more information, this can be found here: 

  • website of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

  • website of the Immigration Service.

Select a notary

Select a notary who will do the financial transaction. 

The requirement to invest €1.25M comes with a real action: you really need to invest that money. Here is a dilemma: you can only get the residence permit if you invest €1.25M, but you only like to invest if you get the residence permit. 

The solution is an independent notary: at a notary, you can deposit your €1.25M, with the binary assignment: If the Dutch Immigration service grants you a residence permit, the notary sends the €1.25M to the selected VC firm / startup; if not, then the notary send the money back to you. 


The Dutch Immigration Service accepts this structure of using a notary as an independent middle man.


After this step, it will take maximum of 90 days for the Immigration Service to reach a decision; usually, it will be faster. 

Time requirement from your side:

  • 10 minutes: You need to select a notary in the Netherlands, or alternatively, we select one for you. We will deal with the paper work. We will fill out the papers. You only need to put a signature at the end. Depending on your country, your signature needs to be legalized by a local notary in your country, who forwards this to the Dutch notary (90 minutes more). 

Background, more info: 

  • More information on the tasks of a Dutch notary, by the Notary Organization. 

  • A list of notaries can be found here: 

    • The "big 4" are also operating in the Netherlands: Deloitte, KMPG, EY and PwC. 

    • If you hae no preference, we usally work with notary Westdam Notarissen.


Pick up your residence permit at the Dutch embassy in your country. 

Registration at the town hall when the Immigration Service accepts your application, you can pick up a Provisory Residence Permit ("MVV") within 3 months at the Dutch embassy of consulate in your country. 


The residence permit is valid for you, your married partner, and your underage children. 


After arriving in the Netherlands, you have to pick up your Dutch Residence Permit at the Immigration Service. We will make an appointment for you at the Immigration Service, you only need to show up and show the documents. 



Now you have access to all facilities like you are a Dutchman or Dutchwoman: you can make use of the health care, the education, the travel visa exemptions, etc. 


Time requirement from your side:health in

  • 15 minutes: pick up the residence permit at the Dutch embassy/consulate in your country. 

  • Registration at the town hall

  • Tuberculosis test (tuberculose onderzoek) 

After being granted a residence permit

Enjoy being a Dutch person!

2 year's extension:

You will receive a residence permit that is valid for 3 years; after 3 years it can be extended with 2 years if have done the following:

  • you rent accommodation in the Netherlands (this costs between 750 Euros to 10.000+ Euros, depending on the location). 

  • you take Dutch health insurance (this costs 100-250 Euros a month, depending on the package). 


Permanent: after 5 years you get the option:

  • Permanent Residence Permit:

    • to change your residence permit into a permanent residence permit

    • with a permanent residence permit, you have all the privileges that a Dutch person also enjoys, except for that you cannot vote. (however, you can vote in municipal elections).

  • Passport

    • You can also apply for an official Dutch pasport. This is the same as a permanent residence permit, with extra that you can also vote. 

    • How to get the Dutch passport? 

      • you need to pass a language test on A2 level (speaking, writing, listening, reading) 

      • you need to pass the exam on "Knowledge of Dutch society"  

      • The only difference is that the passport comes with voting right, and the permanent residence permit not; all other privileges are the same. 


Everything has a price

  • Investment: 1.25 Million Euros: note that this is an investment, not a sunk costs - only to be paid on a succesfull transaction. 

  • OrangeVisas fee: 12.000 Euros (±14.000 USD) - only to be paid on a successful transaction. 

  • Dutch Immigration Services IND - 2.173 Euros (± 2.400 USD) - to be paid regardless of a successful visa application. 

  • Lawyer: not needed. ​

  • Notary: 2.000 Euros (±2.300 USD) - to be paid regardless of a successful visa application.