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Investing in the Netherlands

Receive Netherlands citizenship and get 10-30% IRR on

your investment in the startup industry


Hotel platform, payment platform Adyen, navigation company TomTom, beauty platform Treatwell, food delivery service TakeAway, file sharing platform WeTransfer; just to name a few Dutch companies that once received investment from private individuals (angel investors) or Dutch VC Funds. Nowadays these companies belong to the unicors of the Netherlands (valuation of > 1 billion Euros). The Netherlands has one of the most attractive investment climates in Europe and the Dutch Golden Investor Visa is a unique way to invest in the Dutch startup eco-system and to obtain permanent citizenship for the Netherlands as an angel investor. On top of a nice return on your investment, you can get a Netherlands citizenship. 

Unique Investment Opportunities

Unique Investment Opportunities

The Netherlands' business climate is known to be an "Innovation Powerhouse" and breeding ground for numerous highly successful companies, TechCrunch even called the Netherlands "The World's High-Tech Startup Capital" On top of that the Netherlands is known for "European Union's best country for business". If you are looking for an investment opportunity that is highly innovative and brings you a good return on investment, then investing in a second citizenship from the Netherlands gives you a unique opportunity to do this.​

Venture capitalists and angel invetsors invested more than €483 million into over 150 Dutch startups in 2018, and this year we are already in the excess of €177.7 million of capital invested. Some examples of well-known Dutch company that had Dutch private equity (PE) funds, Dutch Venturen capital (VC) funds or Dutch angel investors are: Adyen who secured $250 million in 2014 before the payments business IPO'ed a couple of years later and online grocery supermarket Picnic who raised $109 million from De Hoge Dennen and NPM Capital.

Expected returns of Dutch VC Funds and private equity funds are roughly 10-30% per year.  When looking at the top 25% VC Funds, returns average around 18%. When taking a look at the upper quartile of VC Funds / PE funds in Europe in the period of 1997-2015 we see the strongest performance coming from Dutch VC Funds / PE funds with an average IRR of 14% per year. This means that your investment in the Dutch startup industry not only brings you and your family a second citizenship with a golden visa, but also great returns in a promising and stable business environment.

Startups choose the Netherlands for a variety of reasons: 

  • Strategic location

  • Exceptional quality of life

  • Competitive fiscal climate

  • Multilingual workforce

  • Best market to test your product

  • International business climate

  • Creative and innovative environment

  • Superior infrastructure

Find a full list of all Dutch Venture Capital Funds and Dutch private equity funds here, below a list of the top VC Funds and PE funds in The Netherlands:

Find a list of the Dutch Startups here.

Please note that past results of Startups or VC companies, are no guarantee for the future. 

adyen-1 (1)-min.jpg

As of 2020 this will be the new headquarters of in Amsterdam. started as a Dutch startup and went to the stock market in 1999. 

Adyen was founded in 2006 and after several investment rounds they went to the stock market in 2018. (in Holland known as was launched in 2000 and went IPO in 2016.

Why OrangeVisas

Why OrangeVisas

O​rangeVisas is uniquely positioned in the Dutch Startup and Venture Capital ecosystem. Our partners have direct connections with the popular VC funds and we know which fund if raising at which moment in time and who is not.

We will arrange for you efficiently a Netherlands citizenship by investment. 


Additionally, we have a direct network in a lot of startups and incubators, so we are also on point who is looking for investments at which point in time. This way, we have the network and expertise to make sure that when you want to make use of the Dutch Golden Investment Visa you can do so with the best investment opportunity there is at that point in time.

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