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Where is a list of EB-5 investment projects that I can invest in?

In the Netherlands there is no terminology as EB-5 investment projects. The requirement is that you invest in a startup or in a Venture Capital fund that holds a portfolio of startups, of a minimum of €1.25M ($1.42M).

Is this Golden Visa the same as an economic citizenship?

The investment that you need to make to get the visa €1.25M can be seen as economic citizenship.

What other immigrant investor programs do you offer?

The Netherlands has only one type of investor program in relation to the Gold Visa: you invest €1.25M, and then you receive a residence permit.

What is the best citizen by investment program?

The Netherlands has only one investment program, which is very straight forward: you invest €1.25M Euro in a startup or in a Venture Capital fund, and then you get a residence permit.

Will the Golden Visa obtained in the Netherlands count as an EU Golden Visa or Europe permanent residency visa?

After making an investment of €1.25M in the Dutch startup economy, you will get a residence permit for the Netherlands, which becomes a permanent residence permit after 5 years. This Dutch residence permit is also a European residence permit.

Will the golden visa count as a EU Golden Vis or European permanent residency visa?

After making an investment of €1.25M in the Dutch startup economy or VC fund, you will get a residence permit for the Netherlands; which becomes a permanent residence permit after 5 years. This Dutch residence permit is also a European residence permit. The Golden Visa in the Netherlands, you can see as a second paspoort. This gives you access to travel, live and work in the following countries: visa Spain, visa Portugal, visa Malta, visa Cyprus, visa Switzerland, visa Germany, visa Hungary, visa Austria, visa Latvia, visa Ireland, visa Andorra, visa Moldova, visa قبر (Cyprus) , visa مالطا (Malta) and Visa The Netherlands “Holland”. It does not give access to: visa Usa, visa Canada, visa Australia, visa Singapore, visa Antigua and visa New Zealand.

Is there also an EU investor visa?

There is no EU investment visa that entitles you to an EU residency visa or anything like that. The visa procedures are different per country, and this is not organized on EU-level. After being granted a Golden Visa by “Orange Visa” in the Netherlands, you can live, work and travel to anywhere within the EU, according to the Schengen agreement.

What is the difference with an eb5 or e5 visa?

The eb-5 immigrant investor visa program is the term for the Golden Visa in the USA. It is also known as eb5 Green Card. In the Netherlands the ‘Visa by Investment’ program is called “Dutch Investor Visa for High Net Worth Individuals".

Will I get an passport as well?

Eventually you can get an official passport with this investment program. It is therefore also seen as “Business immigration”, some people call it a “Golden Passport”, referring to the “Golden Passport Portugal” scheme, which is not existent in that form anymore.

Can I get a EU Passport by an investment?

No, the EU does not hand out a passport like one nation does: the EU is not similar to the United States. Every country within the EU has its own rules for visa applications. The Netherlands has the easiest procedure for a Golden Visa scheme.

How can I get an investment Green Card for the European Union?

In Europe, the definition “Green Card” is not used; the definition of “Green Card” relates to the USA. To apply for an Investor Visa, you should look into the visa by investment countries per country in the EU. The Netherlands has the fastest and best citizenship program.

Is citizenship for sale?

Citizenship means that you have a passport of a certain nationality. You cannot buy a second passport, neither can you buy a second passport by investment.

Do I need to buy a house to obtain the residence permit?

The Golden Visa of the Netherlands does not require you to buy a house. You can also simply rent a house; there’s no difference made between a prestigious canal house on the canals of Amsterda or a tiny apartment on the country side.

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