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About Orange Visas

Orange Visas is the first and only agency that acts a middleman to obtain a residence permit in the Netherlands. 

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Live, work and travel in Europe

with a Golden Investor Visa

from The Netherlands

 The Dutch government has introduced a new type of visa: 

  The Investor Visa 

Invest in the Dutch startup industry, and receive 10-30% IRR, plus receive a "Golden Visa" from the government at an investment of €1 . 25 million ($1 . 42 million). A fast and easy way to receive citizenship by investment for the EU, and eventually a passport. 


The agency OrangeVisas helps you in the application process. 

Invest in Dutch innovation and get a permanent residence visa valid in the EU

Safe banking system, topnotch health care and high-quality education. Travel without a visa to Spain, Portugal, Malta, Cyprus and 24 other European countries. From all EU-countries, the Netherlands is the fastest EU-country to get citizenship and the Netherlands is the easiest European country to get citizenship, for you and your family, given that you do not have a criminal background and that you are willing to invest €1.25 million. 


What is a Golden Visa?

A Golden Visa, also known as visa by investment, is a permanent residency visa that you obtain after making an investment in a country. It comes with privileges of being a citizen of that country, often without voting rights. It is therefore also known as a citizen by investment program. 

A Golden Visa is not the same as buying a 2nd passport. Buying a second passport is usually a grey zone area, whereas "Golden Visa" policies have legal and straightforward steps. 

European Golden Visa programs are currently in the highest demand. The Kingdom of the Netherlands (also commonly referred to as: "Holland") therefore recently also launched a Golden Visa program to offer citizenship after an investment of

EUR 1 . 25 million in a Dutch VC fund or startup. 


Your Investment

Hotel platform Booking.com, payment platform Adyen, navigation company TomTom, beauty platform Treatwell, food delivery service TakeAway, file sharing platform WeTransfer; just to name a few Dutch companies that once received investment from private individuals or Dutch VC Funds. The Netherlands has one of the most attractive investment climates in Europe and the Dutch Golden Investor Visa is a unique way to invest in the Dutch startup eco-system and to obtain permanent citizenship for the Netherlands.


Top quantile of Dutch VCs have the best performance of the EU with an average ROI of 14% per year. This in combination with the unique Dutch startup ecosystem which thrives as an "Innovation Powerhouse"and the attractive business climate in the Netherlands make the Dutch Golden Investor Visa a unique investment opportunity. 


OrangeVisas is uniquely positioned in the Dutch Startup and Venture Capital ecosystem. Our partners have direct connections with the popular VC funds and we know which fund if fundraising at which moment in time. This way, we can help you make the most of your investment in the Dutch Golden Investment Visa / permanent residence visa.


Our Service

You are looking for safety, an escape from arbitrary rule, to avoid political uncertainty, a rule based governance system, less corruption. You don't want to sit idle on an idyllic island, you want a quality lifestyle with the ability to run a business unhindered, and access to culture, gastronomy and high-status education. You want to live in globally-oriented cities, that is not overcrowded. You want to live in Amsterdam, the Hague or Rotterdam, or in the countryside suburbs of the Netherlands. 


OrangeVisas helps you from A-Z with the Dutch Golden Visa procedure, with our main goals: to save you time and frustration & get the Dutch Golden Visa to you fastest. We take care of all ground research and paper work, and we only involve you for the signature parts. There's no need to physically present during the procedure.

Our service includes the following 3 aspects: 

Paper  Work
We organize it for you.

We collect the papers, we fill them in; and present them to you for your approval and signature. This all happens online/by email. 

Investment opportunities
We will present them.

Because of our background in the startup world in the Netherlands, we have tight connections with most of the Venture Capital funds. We will present to you a list of VC funds that are currently open to receive new money; you only need to point to the one you like. 

We have the team.

We established a network of legal advisors that will assist us on the background during this application. Legal work can be confusing and time consuming, so we will do it for you.

Of course, if preferred, you can also involve your own legal advisors.

The Process

1. Select a Startup or VC Fund:


Time Period: 1 -5 days.

2. Fill out & Submit the Forms.


Time Period: 1 day.

3. Wait for approval of the Dutch immigration services.  Only need to transfer the investment once approved, so there's no risk.


Time Period:  4 weeks.

4. Enjoy living as a Dutchman / Dutchwoman! 

Time Period: Forever! 




Selecting a Dutch venture capital fund (VC) in which you like to invest 1.25M is the first step. 

Alternatively, you can also select a specific startup in which you want to invest. 



You need to fill out the necessary papers. Our office will do that for you; together with you, or your spokesperson. The documentation required is limited: in 2 hours we will be done. 

Also, you will need to sign a contract with the VC or Startup, in which you state that you will transfer the 1.25 million Euros, if you are granted the residence permit. 

There is no need for you to travel to the Netherlands during this procedure. 



Within 90 days you will receive the answer from the Immigration Service. If you have no criminal background and you always earned your money in a legal and ethical right way, then the answer will be positive: you will receive a welcome letter, that states that your residence permit is valid, once your investment is made. 



Congrats! Now you can pick up your residence permit in the Netherlands. You also need to transfer the €1.25 million to the Venture Capital fund or startup. 

After 5 years, you can decide to change the residence permit for a Dutch passport, making this a citizenship by investment program; you can also decide to simply keep the residence permit permanently.


One of the newest European countries to join the EU visa by investment in 2019, is the Netherlands, or “Holland”, with its capital Amsterdam.

Orange Visas is the first and only agency that acts a middleman to obtain a residence permit in the Netherlands. 



We can provide you with a free 40 minute phone or video call with one of the partners of our firm, or answer your questions by email. 

Please note that OrangeVisas exclusively deals with the Dutch Investor Visa and minimum investment required is €1,250,000. 

Do not reach out to us:

- For working permits / jobs

- If you don't have the means to invest €1,250,000